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Our experts combine an understanding of banking and finance with solid engineering knowledge and startup methodologies. Together with your subject matter experts we can form a Product Lab -- where we focus on your problem and co-create the optimal solution.

Let's build software that fits

Software can be the answer to challenges in the financial industry. It can manage complex regulations, automate repetitive processes, provide new customer journeys with delightful user experiences or get more insights from existing data. But, most out-of-the-box software does not fit your business environment. We offer consulting on how a Product Lab fits into your strategy and helps you to transform your organization.

Aligning our interests by making products

We think the key to a successful solution is building a partnership. This is why we offer the option to build your solution at a lower price, but share some of the resulting intellectual property so we can scale your solution as a product of atfinity. If you choose this option, our jointly developed solution can be used at other institutions, bringing down your maintenance costs. Possibly, this product could be the start of an industry-wide standard.

Use cases

A: Keep your client relationships compliant

Successful financial institutions put their clients in the center of their efforts. Our products help you to make and keep these relationships compliant with minimal effort. Our innovative contract management tools calculate which information you really need to collect from clients to minimize work for you and for them.

B: Onboard clients easier and faster

Our flexible approach to rule management and evolution fits ideally with the ever faster changing regulatory environment of the financial industry. With our tools your workflows are automatically adapted as soon as you add new regulations or client data.

C: Make data driven decisions easy

Our engines help you to gain insights in totally new ways from the data you already have, and figure out what exactly you should collect next. Smart data visualization enables you to easily uncover the most relevant information at first glance.

Rapid prototyping fueled by our experience: Kaity

Kaity is our scalable software development framework which is at the core of all our Product Labs. It combines the best of rapid prototyping and stable production software. The first step in our software development is a common understanding of the information architecture (data model). Once this has been agreed upon by the subject matter experts and the engineers, kaity enables you to swiftly create web and mobile apps. This means we can show you the first results of our work after as little as one week. Operated on a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) infrastructure from Swisscom our products are very performing as this architecture easily scales-up with more usage.

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