atfinity innovates the financial industry by combining strong banking expertise with engineering DNA. Our products bridge the technology gap and bring user experience to new levels.

Bridging the technology gap

atfinity was born out of the realization that a huge technology gap exists in the financial industry. Our founders Alexander Balzer and Thorben Croisé put together a team of excellent computer scientists, bankers and designers to identify the most pressing needs and solve them with a fresh pair of eyes, but also years of experience. Right from the start, our team embodied adaptability, know-how and a deep focus on the final user experience.

Our mission is clear: Build powerful solutions that transform today’s financial players into digital organizations that embrace the value of technology with greater efficiency and more engaging user journeys.

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Building a Team for the Future

atfinity is an amazing team of Computer Science- and Business-Specialists. We want to build on these strong foundations and therefore, we are always seeking new talent.

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